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Shake The Dust

50h Teacher Training

Dates: 3rd - 7th March
Location: Kanuka Yoga Studio, Hobsonville, Auckland
Rough times: 9am - 5pm - plus lunch and tea breaks throughout the day.

“Don’t get stuck where it feels good”


This is a transformative and embodied practice of the bodyheartmind.

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Through a guided, poetic universe with a theme related to each practice we journey between perpetual movement, rest, release and free movement.

With shaking, jumping, dancing, intuitive movement (some yoga sometimes too), pilates, somatics and body weight training, not to mention a kick ass carefully curated playlist, this class is designed for anyone but especially yogis and will at best deliver a cathartic release, a great workout, sweat and a strong, resilient body.

Shake The Dust comes in 3 class types:

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Opening to Grace:

Opening to Grace is an invocation class (beginner and basic level)It is about meeting ourselves where we are, getting in there/here and invoking a trust for life and where it is taking us.

Flow State:

Flow state is more cardio and intuitive/free movement class (intermediate level) It is a play between form and formlessness, container and spilling out of it.

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Rest in Movement:

Rest in mo(ve)ment is an ‘interbeing’ class, down to earth class (all levels) It is fluid, grounding, slow and restorative/somatic in nature.

In this training we will cover:

  • What is shake the dust? Why? How?
  • Perpetual movement pattern guidance mastery
  • Pilates guidance mastery
  • Free intuitive movement guidance mastery
  • Sequencing with a `poetic universe`
  • Learning the sweet magic of a build up
  • How to bring embodiment in so its not “just a workout class”
  • Somatics
  • Use of voice
  • Get genius with your playlists
  • Included is a book-like manual with incredible illustrations

Who is this training for:

Anyone who wants to embark on a journey towards teaching/facilitating embodied, inspiring, and empowering movement classes OR anyone already teaching yoga/movement/dance, etc. who aspires to gather more tools and a more embodied way of facilitating.

You can also join to deepen your studies, if teaching is not in the books just yet.

Upon completion, this training can be registered as continued education credits with Yoga Alliance.


For full 50h Yoga Alliance certified training you are also expected to:

Create and submit 2 x Shake The Dust classes

If you are not currently registered as a teacher but you are interested in teaching Shake The Dust, you will also have to:

+ Pay $250 for personal feedback and support on the practicum (explained below) with Adele

+ Submit a full practicum of you teaching a Shake The Dust class, recorded or in-person, upon completion of the training.



Early bird (before 31st Jan)

Enrol in both Shake the Dust and Embodied Yin and save!

Rise students - $1150 or $2100 for both courses
Non-Rise students - $1350 or $2500 for both courses

Price from 1st Feb - $1500 (no bundle price)

$500 deposit is required to secure your place.
Payment plans are available with a $50 admin fee.

Contact Mari directly for bookings and payments: