Tantrik Yoga
Spring Workshop Series

September 13-15

Most practitioners of modern yoga don’t realise that their beloved practice can be traced clearly back to the Tantrik yoga tradition of non-dual Shaiva Tantra. They’ve never examined the breathtaking beauty of Tantrik philosophy, and are unaware of the array of ‘lost’ tantrik practices, which are life-changing and transformational when used as a complement to yoga asana and breath work.

Until now!

In this series of workshops, Adele and Sarah are thrilled to create an environment to discuss and explore the lost teachings and practices of the tantrik path - and how we can incorporate them into our spiritual practice, and our lives.

In classical Tantrik philosophy, the body is the vehicle for awakening to what we are, and liberating ourselves from what we're not. To spiritually awaken is to recognise and immerse in our essence nature as consistently as we're able - called samavesha - weaving the strands of our fragile humanity and our exquisite divinity into a unified whole.

Over the course of these four workshops, we’ll offer an array of practices - meditation, breath work, yoga asana, free movement and mantra practice to support you to embody your true nature. Once firmly established in what you are, you'll have the much needed momentum to walk the spiritual path of classical Tantra, where you empower yourself to look closely at unhelpful mental overlays, relate more skilfully to yourself and others, identify space for greater opportunities to come about within your life, and resource the courage to step up and meet them.


Fri September 13th, 4-7:30pm: The meaning of life, according to Tantra
Sat September 14th, 12:30 - 3:45pm: Mantra Science and the chakras
Sat September 14th, 4:15 - 7:30pm: Yoga psychology: How to be free
Sun September 15th, 11am - 4pm: Skilful relating and integrating the teachings

Pricing: $280 for all four sessions, $250 Earlybird (first ten tickets - please sign up via book now link below)
Individual sessions: Fri/Sat $80 per session, Sunday $100 (to book individual sessions please email




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