RISE Yoga Tantra Immersion
100 hours | Canggu, Bali

1 - 7 September

Join us on beautiful Bali for an advanced level Training and Immersion focused on the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivite Tantra - a system of ancient practices to weave the strands of our human and spiritual nature into a unified whole.

That’s right - Tantra is not defined by sexual practices any more than your sex life defines you - it was all a big, scandalous misunderstanding! Tantric philosophy asserts that the Divine is both of this world and beyond it - and that each of us a divine spiritual being, having a human experience. Practising RISE Yoga is all about awakening to this truth, so that you can fully participate in the rich tapestry of your life, without feeling burdened by it.

“You are an incredible, perfect, miracle of Divinity. You have nothing to liberate out of. Nothing to enlighten into. You Already Are.”


$1,850 for a shared room (includes 6 nights accommodation, and brunch for 6 days)
$2,250 for a private room

Samadi Bali, Canggu, Bali
1 - 7 September


Please note that prices listed here are for retreat participation and teachings - you will need to organise your own flights and transfers. You can also stay offsite if you prefer.

This investment is for the 50hour immersion. For existing teachers who would like to complete the 50hr teacher training (non-contact hours), an additional NZD$200 fee applies. This training then contributes 100 hours towards RISE Yoga’s 300hr advanced TT programme.




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