Meditation & Movement | Shiva & Shakti
One-day Workshop | Auckland

2nd November 12:30-7:30pm

In classical Tantrik philosophy, Shiva is understood to be the divine aspect of our essence nature: clear, calm, luminous, space-holding consciousness. Shakti is the manifested aspect of the all-that-is - everything we see, think, feel and touch. She is power, movement, form and energy.

In this way, the non-dual Tantrik path to awakening involves practices to realise our Shiva nature as divine consciousness, as well as our Shakti nature as energy, power and movement - seemingly two separate principles, but as we discover together, in our felt experience they are two aspects of the one. Combined, these practices weave together the strands of consciousness and embodiment to produce a powerful framework for radical acceptance and spiritual awakening.

Join Sarah Hon for this one-day workshop to explore practices that invite you to both immerse in your Shiva-nature, and to embody your Shakti-nature. Through meditation, breath work, yoga asana, free movement and mantra, you’ll drop more and more deeply into the felt experience of your radiant essence - the truth of who you really are.


Event schedule:

Lab 1: 12.30-4pm

Break: 4-4.45pm (light refreshment provided)

Lab 2: 4.30-8pm

Please bring with you your yoga mat if you own one, a drink bottle, and a journal and pen.



Kanuka Yoga Space, 102C Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville, Auckland
2nd November 2019, 12:30-7:30pm




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