Embodying Awakened Relationships
30 hours | Melbourne

27-29 March 2020

Join RISE Yoga Facilitators Sarah Hon and Christina Gagnier for this weekend Teacher Training on how we, as householders, can live and embody the classical Tantrik path of ‘Waking Up’ to our true nature - firstly in relationship with ourselves, and also in relationship with others.

Over the course of three full days together we’ll gain a real understanding of our innate ability to Awaken right here, right now - as a ‘normal’ person! - in this body and this lifetime. We’ll explore the philosophy and practices that support this path, and use yoga and somatics to drop deeply into our own bodies as the vehicle for our Awakening.

We’ll discuss how the Yamas and Niyamas of classical yoga can be understood and applied from a Tantrik perspective, to help us move more deeply into integrity in relationship. And we’ll explore an array of tools from Tantra, NVC, and more, so that we can show up for ourselves and others with an Awakened and open heart.


I Am That Studio, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia
27-29 March, 2020
8am - 6pm daily



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