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Community Retreat
February | Auckland

February 21-23, 2020

Welcome to our first NZ-based RISE Community Retreat. This special weekend will be a coming-together of graduates from our RISE Yoga Immersions and Teacher Training programmes - in community, in awakening, and in celebration.
The Community Retreat is an opportunity to dive back into the teachings and the practice, to spend time with other beings who are walking the path of Awakening, and to realise the power and joy of being in Community.
This particular retreat will be themed around the theory of the Six Realms. These teachings help us understand our individual habits and tendencies in terms of how we manifest contraction. We’ll spend time with the practices used to antidote our ingrained patterns of thinking, releasing us from the realms of contraction and deepening our capacity for spiritual awakening - which in the Tantrik worldview is the recognition of, and immersion in, our essence nature - pure consciousness.


Cost and further details TBC. Camping will be available onsite.
For RISE Yoga Community, partners and friends.

Friday February 21st (4pm) - Sunday February 23rd (4pm)



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