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Embodied Yin

50h Teacher Training

Dates: 9th - 13th March
Location: Kawai Purpura, Albany, Auckland
Rough times: 9am - 6pm - plus lunch and tea breaks throughout the day.

An out of the ordinary experience

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Embodied Yin yoga invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body-mind. It increases awareness of our mind-body connection in each dimension and through different somatic approaches, intuitive movement, TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), classical non-dual Tantra, and Yin yoga, opens up space by helping to release limitations.

Join the extraordinary 50h in person+30h (recorded material) teacher training!
(Yoga alliance certified)

Want to become a Yin yoga teacher of the NOW with deeply rooted understanding of the tradition, non dual Tantra, somatics and Embodied anatomy, among other things?

Hungry for cutting edge knowledge and embodiment of yourself in movement and stillness and then share it with others?

Pillars of study

Somatics and Embodiment

In this teacher training, we will be practicing several different approaches and protocols in more somatic and embodied ways of moving and being. These will include tools like Yin Yoga asanas, QiGong, free movement, Body-Mind Centering but also approaches from Music Therapy, Movement therapy, Authentic movement, Continuum, Somatic Experiencing and more.

Experiential Anatomy

Experiential anatomy is an embodied means of gaining increased somatic awareness and understanding. This approach to learning goes beyond conventional anatomy study methods that typically rely on images and diagrams to learn the map and function of the systems of the body. Experiential anatomy brings us into the felt sense of the actual territory through direct experience. With an experiential focus, we can directly discover and embody, the movement of fluids, bones, organs, meridians etc.

Chinese Medicine and Taoism

Traditional Chinese Medicine is rooted in the ancient philosophy of Taoism and dates back more than 2,500 years. In the universe, the harmony between two opposing yet complementary forces, yin and yang, supports wellbeing and happiness. Disease results from an imbalance between these forces. The Five elements, or Five Phases: water, wood, fire, earth and metal, symbolically represent all creation and phenomena. The relationships between these elements explain the functioning of the body, how it changes during disease, and how to best ensure that Qi (pronounced chee), blood, and body fluids, which are the most important fundamental substances necessary for life, continue to flow through the body, maintaining health.

“Chinese cosmology suggests that life’s movement is like a spinning ball on a flowing river, a tide of wind and water, a vortex revolving while rhythmically contracting and expanding ( Yin-Yang ) as we are carried along by the currents of Tao” - Harriet Beinfield

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What is Embodied Yin?

Embodied Yin™ invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body-mind.
In Embodied Yin Yoga we create gentle (sometimes more dynamic) long-held postures and somatic practices with an attitude of Maitri, loving kindness. The practices stimulate energy flow in meridians, and energy channels, to restore, rewire, and replenish our nervous system.

During these Yang-infused times, Yin, and the rebalancing of YinYang dynamics, help us to stop, reset, and respond as we start again.
This “out-of-the-box” Yin Yoga teacher training provides a comprehensive study into the philosophy and methodology of Embodied Yin Yoga.

Topics and practices include asana (Embodied yin yoga), Somatics, free movement, use of Props and assists, embodied and experiential anatomy, pranayama, Sounding, movement meditation, Chinese medicine and Taoism and the foundations of non-dual Tantrik philosophy.

More specifically we will dive into:

  • Chinese medicine in relation to Yin yoga (the five Phases/elements theory and Meridians)
  • Trauma release, movement therapy
  • Embodied experiential anatomy and energetics
  • Trauma sensitivity in yoga
  • Taoism and Classical Non-dual Tantra (not Neo tantra)
  • In-depth study and understanding of the main yin poses + some unconventional poses
  • Explorations of Body-Mind Centering and other somatic practices
  • Tools for self-healing
  • The power of Touch- and what that power means + different ways to use props and give some healing assists
  • The power of holding space
  • Authentic teaching
  • Illuminating soundscape
  • Included is an extensive manual and online content

and much more!

With a focus on the process of self-inquiry, self-discovery and transformation, students will deepen their own journey in Yoga, particularly in Embodied Yin yoga, while preparing to lead others on the path with skill and authenticity.

The full training (training material + some independent work) is +50h, Yoga Alliance registered.

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Who is this training for:

Embodied Yin™ teacher training is for anyone who wants to embark on a journey towards becoming a yin yoga teacher/facilitator OR anyone already teaching yoga/movement/dance, etc. who aspires to gather more tools and a more embodied way of facilitating.

You can also join to deepen your studies, if teaching is not in the books just yet.


For full 50+h Yoga Alliance certified training you are expected to:

  • Create 5 class plans with an experiential focus including somatics
  • Watch and study pre-recorded material after the in-person training
  • + book assignments

Training is not limited to teachers. You will get a certificate on participation.
All teacher participants who also finish the certification pathway (homework and practicum) successfully will get a certificate and can begin teaching Embodied Yin™ and “normal” yin yoga classes.

If you are currently in a foundational yoga teacher training or planning to take one within a year of completing Embodied Yin training, you will get a certificate to teach later on, but you will need to submit a practicum then.


Meet Satu

Satu has been teaching for more than 24 years and is known for her very unique, otherworldly and authentic transmission. Satu is specialised in Somatics and Embodiment practices.

She is an experienced yoga teacher (ERYT2000) with more than 13000 teaching hours under her belt, Embodied Flow™ senior teacher, a teacher training facilitator, Creator of Authentic Flow, Shake the Dust, Embodied Yin and Co-creator of Embodied Flow™ Yin program and a Reiki Master.

At the moment (year 2023), Satu is a registered BMCA student and enrolled to a Somatic Movement Education Program (Body-Mind Centering) that she hopes to finish in 2024.

Satu charms with her intuitive, all seeing facilitation, her Shamanic roots, goddess vibe and a big big love for classical non-dual Tantrik teachings. Her exquisite use of music, harmonium playing, singing, humour, loving presence, Somatic brilliance, immense space holding abilities and clear understanding of human body and how everybody is unique, is well known around the world.

Satu has a background in dancing (ballet) and basketball. She fell in love with yoga and somatics in her teens and started teaching almost immediately. Satu has studied two different 200h trainings in vinyasa flow and Hatha. Immersed in Anusara yoga, continued with two advanced teacher trainings in yoga (both 300h), the latest being Embodied Flow™with her main, and very loved, pioneering teachers Scott Lyons and Tara Judelle. Her other main teachers are Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Adyashanti, Hareesh Wallis and Sally Kempton. Its always important to name and give Pranams to our teachers and Satu continues to honor that. Satu continues studying Body-Mind Centering, classical Chinese Medicine, Tantra, and newly again, Buddhism.

Satu is a Non-dual Philosophies devotee, and honours her sādhana with passion.

She is especially devoted to:

The Way of Liberation by Adyashanti

"The Way of Liberation teachings are the spiritual teachings I have developed over the many years of being a spiritual teacher. Their primarily aim is to be practical and useful aids in the quest for spiritual liberation. In this sense they are a Way, or path, to liberation. They are not meant to be understood as metaphysical statements about the nature of reality, as much as they are a means to realize spiritual freedom in one’s own experience. The Way of Liberation teachings are oriented toward the task of awakening to your true nature as efficiently as possible, and embodying the awakened condition in your humanity, within the context of your everyday life.

The Way of Liberation teachings are also The Way, or the view, of the liberated condition itself. They express how existence is experienced from various levels of realization. And finally, The Way points to how the awakened condition can be manifest and lived in daily life. To awaken to your true nature is one thing; to live and express it in daily living is quite another."



Early bird (before 31st Jan)

Enrol in both Shake the Dust and Embodied Yin and save!

Rise students - $1150 or $2100 for both courses
Non-Rise students - $1350 or $2500 for both courses

Price from 1st Feb - $1500 (no bundle price)

$500 deposit is required to secure your place.
Payment plans are available with a $50 admin fee.

Contact Mari directly for bookings and payments:

Accomodation at Kawai Purpura:

If you would like to stay onsite at Kawai Purapura for the Yin training, please contact the venue directly. There are single and double rooms available, most with shared bathrooms and living spaces, as well as camping options.

You can learn more about their accomodation HERE. And contact them directly here: