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Three trainings, three locations: Auckland NZ, Raglan NZ, & Bali


with Adele Kinghan and international guests

Now taking enrolments for next intake starting March 2018


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RISE is a Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour program, recognised by and registered through the School of Embodied Flow™ and grounded in vinyasa yoga and tantric teachings. Backed by several years of experience in teaching yoga teacher trainings at the 200 hour basic and the 300 hour advanced training, we commit to offering the highest standard of teaching methods.

We’re evolving the yoga scene.

Things are not OK in the world right now, and the insta-yogis are still posing in bikinis.

It seems we’ve forgotten who we are. What we are.

And we’re struggling.

We all deserve to receive the goodness of life. To feel safe. To belong. To love and create. To feel deeply supported. Seen. Here. Now. Where you are.

You’re here, uniquely constructed as you, to actualise what’s possible.

And in embodying that, you make a profound difference. In teaching from that embodiment, you stand for something.

Just imagine what it might be like to be a part of something bigger than yourself – and much bigger than your worries.

To really find your ‘people’. To feel in your bones an unwavering sense of coming home. To be the expression of what you believe in. And to make a profound and meaningful contribution. To make your life matter.

This is your permission slip to do exactly this.

This is your permission slip to step out of boredom, out of stress, out of “going through the motions” to survive your day, leading an unexamined life.

This is your permission slip to step into your body. To see your life through fresh eyes. To be and become what you desire.

Lead your own evolution in our 100hr Deepen Your Practice, Enliven Your Life immersion programme, then be THE revolution in our follow-on 100hour Art of Teaching programme.

The greatest purpose we can actualise in life is to AWAKEN.

The rest are boons from that state of embodiment.

 Move like you. Feel like you. Fully embody you. Find out how here.

Rise beyond asana, within asana – awakening more of you and what’s possible


1. It’s the only Embodied Flow™ teacher training offered in New Zealand

Teaching yoga will likely be one of the most rewarding and awe-inspiring paths you’ll embark upon. Facilitating yoga experiences – in essence being a yoga teacher – is much more than cueing a series of physical shapes. Learning about and teaching poses is merely the gateway (one of many gateways) for something much bigger.

Six months to upgrade your life.

In this yoga immersion and training we bring to life the potential in our practices with a limited-size group of curious people who are ready to question, explore and shake things up.

We create spaces where we feel that we belong, where we feel at home. We inspire hope, belief and trust. We move and be moved, challenge and be challenged, with the perfect blend of practical knowledge and spiritual meaning.

We examine how we doubt and suffer and alchemize it with vulnerability and love. We create boundaries to find a framework for freedom, and we crack our perspective wide open. We come together to laugh and deepen our joy and shed our pain. We find stillness. We articulate and bring into being all that’s possible within, while reveling in how truly magical – and similar – we actually are.

 It’s for this reason that Rise is affliated with Embodied Flow™. This method is the foundation for how you grow into yourself – the self that is beyond your current day construct of who you are. The self that is limitless and full of agency. The self that is easeful and all knowing. The self that is true, conscious and imbued with wellbeing.

About Embodied Flow

Embodied Flow™ is a continuum of movement and expression that draws from the discoveries of hatha vinyasa yoga, tantric and somatic movement systems in order to experience yoga as a living art form for a vibrant, expressive life.

Its foundation is the recognition that supreme consciousness is the reality of everything. Every breath, sound, texture, or felt sense is a key to awaken to our true nature. The practice of Embodied Flow™ shines the light of awareness into the layers of our being, providing a deep sense of ease, strength and connectivity in the human form. This in turn, empowers you, the practitioner, to be your own greatest teacher as you expand, integrate and facilitate awareness in your entire body-mind. It’s from this place that you can access a greater reservoir of choices and wisdom, and are able to show up with more of yourself in your relationships and your teaching.

As you can see, it’s more than just asana, but asana is where we start.

The physical practice of yoga – of which we deconstruct and reconstruct – provides the vehicle for exploration and understanding. When we become more open in our bodies, we open channels of awareness. When we illuminate the way our mind moves in our bodies, we access an intelligence that is more than ‘thinking mind’. When we find a balance of strength and ease in asana, we find it in life. How we do one thing informs how we do everything… what we do on the mat counts. It’s for this reason that the immersion element of the programme is so potent.

Being embodied is a universal, dynamic process that blends experience, context, and time together and embeds them in human biology. Embodiment happens because most of the structures and functions in our bodies are malleable – they have plasticity – which means they alter naturally in response to our experiences. Knowing this gives us greater agency of who, how, and what we are in life – we are not stuck with what we were born with, or the childhood we grew up with, or our current patterns of being. It’s also why we start with the body – we are our bodies. We are never not our bodies. Our body is our one consistent home for ourselves from the moment we’re created to the moment we die.

Why don’t we spend more time getting know our bodies, to understand, and love and be and become the rich potential that resides in each and every one of us? The immersion programme and the teacher training gives us this time and support for understanding and transformation.

When the self – as the totality of everything we are, physically, psychologically, culturally, socially, and environmentally – is fully embodied, inseparable from the body – we awaken. The self, our self-organising principle, is implicated in everything from homeostasis and wellness to our ‘sense of self’ and how we operate in the world, in response to the world.

Sounds like a lot huh? It is. But also so necessary if we’re to step into why we’re here, and support and serve others and the world in a way that is deserving and empowering.

Step up, and step into yourself…

Safe and nurturing environment for exploration and discovery

2. The format is user-friendly

We’ve experienced a lot of immersions and teacher trainings and have seen what works wonderfully, and what is less effective. From our own experience and knowledge we have intelligently structured this training in a way that brings together the best of immersive experiences, along with space and time to integrate and meet the material with your preferred learning style.

We believe the world doesn’t need more yoga teachers per se, but more practitioners. 

So first and foremost, our vision is to usher in more yoga practitioners who are empowered with tools and a love for the practice that they can take into how they live their life – be it a mum sneaking in 15 minutes for herself each day, a busy executive managing stress levels, a builder stretching out after a hard day on the tools, or a teenage girl learning how to love her body.

That’s why we offer the Deepen Your Practice immersion programme as the first component to the teacher training  – to create a container for practitioners to flourish. And from that flourishing – and a consistent daily practice – a strong desire to share it widely with others through teaching asana may become clear. 

The timing of the programme gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to deeply immersing in the material, while receiving content in homeopathic doses so you can integrate the practices and insights into your life without overwhelm. Once the practices are alive within you, you’ll be ready to step into the teaching stream with passion, clarity and confidence.

If you’re not ready to complete the second stream within the same year, or the timing doesn’t work for you, you have the option to register for Art & Science of Teaching the following year without having to repeat the immersion. Or you may never do it, and that’s wonderful too, as you would have gotten so much richness out of the immersion alone.

“Completing my yoga training and immersion course with Adele was more than I could have hoped for. Her knowledge and passion not only about yoga but life in general is pretty phenomenal.

She has a beautiful ability to help you learn through creating an environment for personal experience and holding you in that space. I learnt so much more than how to become a yoga instructor. I developed myself throughout the 6 months, built some great friendships and learnt some lessons that will stay with me for a lifetime. I highly recommend Adele to anyone who wants to transform, develop, grow and learn as well as anyone who wants to know what it really takes to become a high class yoga instructor.”


It’s amazing. I love every minute of it. I find myself hanging off Adele’s every word mesmerised by her abundance of knowledge and passion for Yoga. The environment is so supportive and I always feel completely safe to express my ideas and feelings.

I have felt my true self really start to come to the surface since beginning the training and my understanding of Yoga has moved so much further off the mat and into my every day. I started thinking I would just do the first stream and now I have such a hunger for more I can’t wait to do the second stream.”


“Some of the most valuable time I have spent, ever, doing anything!

 Adele is a wonderful teacher. She brings a huge amount of knowledge with her. But it’s not only her knowledge that is invaluable, it’s also her ability to be very present, very humble and very real.

 The course is more than just yoga teacher training, it is also a practical ‘life school’ that will give you the tools on and off the mat to navigate this thing called life. I can’t recommend Adele and this training enough.”


3. The content is our secret sauce


While you’ll learn how to be an exceptional teacher, you’ll also learn more about you – and that’s invaluable.

Our focus is on providing the pathway for you to embody the teachings in a way that resonates for you. Rather than staring at text books and external information, our approach is to get inside the teachings. Our playful attitude to embodying the physical alignment and anatomy of the body gives an experiential internal knowing of these essential aspects of self.

Similarly, we approach abstract concepts of the yoga philosophy in a tangible way that is down-to-earth and easily applicable to your life. It’s not about gurus or lofty esoteric concepts – all you need to know is within your own body, and we’re here to help provide the map and support for you to explore your own territory.

You’ve no doubt felt the difference in yoga classes when the teacher is speaking from a place of deep knowing and experience rather than regurgitating scripts and yoga platitudes – this is what will make you stand out as a teacher, and as a more aware and awake human in the often messy humanness of life.

Steeped in empowering philosophy about the nature of the world and your place in it


Deepen Your Practice, Flow With Your Life

Yoga Study Immersion


Golden Yogi Auckland Immersion:

15 – 19 March 2018 &

2 – 6 May 2018

Raglan Yoga Loft Immersion:

29 March – 2 April &

17 – 21 May


Aukcland & Bali Immersion:

27 June – 1 July Auckland &

1 – 7 September Bali

Think of this like yoga university where you don’t have to ‘escape’ to a tropical island to completely immerse in the teachings and the support of a like-minded group.

We’ve purposely dedicated time between the two retreat dates to integrate the material in your day to day life, with weekly in-person meet-ups to keep the connections and inquiry going.

This is our signature 100 hour immersion programme and can be completed on its own.  There will be no required teaching components to this part – perfect if you’re keen to deepen your practice and your knowledge of yourself without the stress of studying to be a teacher.

At the end of this immersion you’ll have the tools to meditate daily (finally); a knowledge and experience of the deeper practices of yoga to help bring your best self forward in everything you do; a love affair with your body in which you can practice all styles of yoga with play, smarts and soul; a transformation of the unhelpful patterns in your life; life-long connections with life-affirming friends; courage to speak your truth in every relationship; and a greater understanding and embodiment of what deep aliveness and fulfilment really is for you.

Asana practices for an awake body

Foundational alignment for vinyasa and Embodied Flow™ asana, integrating developmental and anatomical pathways in relationship to gravity and space. Embodiment practices inspired by Body Mind Centering® – tapping into the felt sense of different developmental pathways and systems of the body: musculoskeletal, organ, endocrine, and nervous systems in order to gain awareness, registry and resonance of these systems. All of which gifts you greater wellbeing, freedom and ease.

Functional and embodied anatomy

The unique alchemy of studying and embodying traditional and movement-based anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and arthrokinematics for greater flow and intuitive alignment, as well as subtle body and energy anatomy and physiology (chakras, nadis, etc) for a well-rounded approach to asana and movement practices.

Ayurveda, nutrition and lifestyle

Learn about yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda and how it applies to lives of modern yogis for greater health and self-understanding, along with naturopathy and nutritional medicine.

Explore your highest intention of practicing yoga: get to know what moves you – alignment, sequencing and seasonal routines, and understand how you want to feel in your practice, and on a macro level, your life. We take this into the whys and how-to’s of cultivating a home practice: methodology and practice of asana, meditation and breath work.

Ancient philosophy for modern life

In-depth study of yoga philosophies and traditional texts (including the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the Bhagavad Gita), the history and evolution of yoga to modern postural yoga, and Tantric metaphysics and yoga philosophy in the lineage of Kashmir Shaivism – including sutra study (Shiva Sutras and the Pratyabijna Hrdayam) and discussion and deconstruction of these concepts for modern day life.

Science of sound and Sanskrit

Sound moves and awakens energy – explore the nature of sound, your relationship to your voice, embodied voice and sounding practices, and learn and practice the vibrational resonance and grammatical study of one of the greatest ancient languages, Sanskrit. We are thrilled to have international yoga teacher, musician and kirtanist Mei Lai Swan to faclitate this section of the programme, along with Oxford Sanskritist Nigel Dickey.


How you breathe is how you live. Study the anatomy of the breath, understand your breathing patterns, therapeutic approaches and practice techniques.

Mantra and meditation

From our foundations in the nature of sound, learn and practice mantras and sound practices from the vedic, tantric, bhakti and nada yoga traditions. Discover the connection between sound, silence and meditation. Learn how to begin or deepen your own mantra and meditation practice to suit your needs and goals.

The science and play of prana and citta

Through understanding the nature of energy and the mind, learn how to make choices that are inspired, informed and true for your life. We’ll study techniques for emotional freedom, the four aspects of a ‘souls-purpose’ from the Purushartha and the concept of Svadharma (your unique purpose), desire mapping to co-create the life of your deepest desires and more.

Sub-styles of Hatha yoga

The Embodied Flow™ method is rooted in Hatha (the physical practice of yoga, derived from Tantric lineages) and as such other sub-styles of Hatha Yoga are covered including Vinyasa, Yin and Restorative. Each year we also offer an additional 50 hour Embodied Yin programme as an adjunct to this programme.

“I initially signed up for the immersion, knowing that I wanted to teach but not sure if I had the courage to commit to that part of the course. I learned so much during the immersion that I couldn’t imagine not continuing on and becoming a teacher.

I loved that we dove deep into philosophy, asana and embodiment practices, but because the content was spread out over a few months there was time to really integrate the information before learning more. During the teacher training, we were constantly pushed beyond our comfort zones, but I felt incredibly supported and empowered by Adele (and the rest of the group) throughout the whole experience. I jumped right into teaching group classes after the training, and I’m absolutely loving it!

As a facilitator, Adele was incredible at holding space for us all as we navigated our way through the training. The wealth of knowledge and experience she shared with us was beyond what I ever could have expected, and I am SO glad that I waited for this particular teacher training.

One of the unexpected highlights has been the incredible friendships I’ve formed with this group over the last year or so. We’ve all become so connected and continue to support each other even now, months after completing the teacher training. Adele’s passion and knowledge is incredible, and I would absolutely recommend this immersion (and teacher training) to anyone who is looking to deepen their yoga practice.”


“I loved the intensive and teacher training – it was fascinating, fun and for me personally quite confronting – not only do I have a much deeper holistic understanding of yoga, but I also have a greater understanding of myself and others. Learning with Adele is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

My favourite parts of the course were de-constructing poses, learning transitions between poses, partner work (which I thought I wouldn’t like at all) and chanting (again I thought I wouldn’t like this!). While I never intended to become a full time yoga teacher following the course, I am loving running small classes for friends and family each week and seeing how much they enjoy the sessions and the speed in which they learn.

Adele absolutely blows my socks off with the depth and breadth of her knowledge and beautiful nature to share her craft in an easy to understand, insightful way.

The Yoga Sanctuary is a really comfortable space to learn in and Adele’s support team of Anne-Marie and Denise where also really supportive and inspirational.

I feel like this is just the beginning of my journey with yoga and would highly recommend this for anyone wanting to extend their understanding of everything that yoga can be.”


Facilitate and share what you love with confidence and clarity


The Art and Science of Teaching Yoga

Golden Yogi Auckland: 31 May – 5 June & 26 – 31 July

Raglan Yoga Loft: 10 – 15 September & 29 October – 3 November


Two full and rich weeks that follow on from the immersion programme to transform everything you love and know to be true – in the dance of the highs and lows of your humanness – into the artistry of teaching yoga and facilitating change.

Join us in 2018 and… 

Be schooled in teaching methodology in the style of vinyasa, yin and Embodied Flow and craft classes you’re inspired to take and teach

Dive into embodied experiential anatomy and alignment

Learn and practice theming strategies to take your students on an expansive and up-leveling journey

Create intelligent and skillful vinyasa sequences and find your own language to inspire classes and movements

Discover your authentic voice and deepen your presence – unlocking your own unique potential

Find confidence to offer therapeutics to work with common imbalances, injuries and applied yoga techniques for special populations (trauma informed teaching)

Explore appropriate modifications for each category of poses

Learn how to teach from the bodies you see in front of you, not from an external or dogmatic ideal. Discover how to empower and support different bodies, and practice verbal and hands-on adjustments

Build class templates for teaching a beginner’s series as well as open-level group classes

Understand the special needs of yoga for pregnancy and restorative application

Embody what it means to hold space for your students, how to read the room, and practice empathy

Confidence in using music in the yoga room and other ways to construct elements for transformative experiences

Uphold yoga ethics and be a leader in the yoga community

Distill your values and vision for your offerings and translate that into the business of yoga. Discover what YOU + YOGA is and how to bring that alive

Observe others in their courage and presence, and practice teaching – A LOT

Feel connected and supported with post-training mentoring and monthly in-person alumni gatherings to practice with other RISE graduates and continue to evolve with the material

Join Adele Kinghan  one of Auckland’s most experienced yoga teachers  and inspiring international guest teachers for a world-class training in embodying and teaching the yogic arts. Become a master of this technology for living and loving life well – and offer what breaks you open to those you love, to those in your community, to those who need it, who need you.


4. The facilitator is there for you every step

In psychology circles it’s recognised that the transformation that a client has is 20% to do with the actual method, and 80% to do with the facilitator. This is no different.

In studying with Adele, our lead facilitator and Rise directress, you’ll draw upon various philosophies, movement studies, scientific research, personal values and virtues, life challenges and passions. Your teaching will be a mirror of your search for meaning, authenticity and awakening, which will undoubtedly usher in the same process for your student’s to heal, grow and be the best they can be.

Adele has had the privilege of facilitating group yoga experiences since her first teacher training in 2009 at Pure Yoga in Hong Kong with Partick Creelman. Over the years she has studied extensively with her dear teachers and friends Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, and had the pleasure of assisting them on many Emobdied Flow trainings. 

Adele is a certified Embodied Flow™ faclitator, and has also completed all the Anusara teacher training requirements – having fallen in love with the heart-centered approach of this system. She also draws upon many vinyasa flow influences including in-depth study with Tiffany Cruikshank on her advanced Yoga Medicine programme, and Fluid Power with Shiva Rea. She teaches through a lens of Tantric philosophy and is grateful for the teachings of Carlos Pomeda and Douglas Brooks.

“Put the warmest heart and graceful action with shockingly razor sharp intellect and wit, package it in a beautiful embodiment of a human being and you get Adele Kinghan.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Adele for six years, and consider her to be the full package of a master facilitator.  Adele has the rare capacity to make anyone feel joyous to be alive.  She somehow makes the most complicated things seem easily achievable, and approaches each day and task with untroubled competence evocative of all the world’s greatest leaders.  Her depth and breadth of yogic knowledge is paralleled by few.  I would highly recommend any training with Adele as a rich tapestry of deep learning, and an elegant dive into being, with a great great teacher.”

Tara Judelle – Embodied Flow

Non-prescriptive and non-dogmatic to allow for your own style and voice to shine

5. The Power of Community

This is one of the greatest joys of a training like this – the opportunity to meet a community of like-minded people to connect and have fun with. Past teacher trainees are still very much a part of Adele’s life. They offer a web of connection for each other that continues to foster and inspire growth, enquiry and benevolent service to their families, communities and the world at large.

This is firmly established in the post-training six month mentorship programme (delivered online and in person with opportunities to teach classes under Adele’s guidance and feedback) and in the monthly alumni gatherings to practice with other RISE graduates and to continue to evolve with the material.

And PS: If you don’t think you’re good enough or advanced enough or skinny/bendy enough, or some other excuse around not having the right clothes/ time/ support, drop that now. It’s an age old trick for your ego to protect the you that you were yesterday. But you’re not that person – just like the progressive programme of nature, you’re continually evolving. To what level, and to what fulfilment – that’s up to you.

If you’ve been letting that river of potency run dry, for whatever reason, now is the time to change things up.

You’re enough, and really, yoga has nothing to do with being bendy. Our only prerequisite is your curiosity. The world needs practitioners and teachers like you more than ever. Rise.

And at the end of it? You will be unrecognisable – to yourself and to others.


What are the requirements to join the study immersion?

We recommend that you have practiced yoga for at least two years so that you have enough time to formulate your own experiences and to see and feel what effects yoga has. That said, it is more important that you come with an open mind and a deep sense of playful curiosity no matter how advanced your practice is. We are not concerned whether you can do a headstand, handstand or similar, but instead with your attitude and willingness to question, explore and dive deeper into the teachings – and that’s really independent from any asana.

During the immersion, there will be asana, pranayama, meditation as well as dance and free movement. So, be prepared for a lot of fun and maybe also “out of your comfort zone” activities that will stretch your capacity and enliven more of the inherent possibility that lies within you.

Can I just participate in the immersion and decide on the teacher training later?

Yes, absolutely. We have uniquely structured our programme to give you this flexibility. We believe the world doesn’t need more yoga teachers per se, but more practitioners. So first and foremost, our vision is to usher in more yoga practitioners who are empowered with tools and a love for the practice that they can take into how they live their life – be it a mum sneaking in 15 minutes for herself each day, a busy executive managing stress levels, a builder stretching out after a hard day on the tools, or a teenage girl learning how to love her body.

That’s why we offer the Deepen Your Practice immersion programme as the first component to the teacher training  – to create a container for practitioners to flourish. And from that flourishing – and a consistent daily practice – a strong desire to share it widely with others through teaching asana may become clear.

The timing of the programme gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to deeply immersing in the material, while receiving content in homeopathic doses so you can integrate the practices and insights into your life without overwhelm. Once the practices are alive within you, you’ll be ready to step into the teaching stream with passion, clarity and confidence.

If you’re not ready to complete the second stream this year, or the timing doesn’t work for you, you have the option to register for stream 2 ‘Art of Teaching’ the following year without having to repeat the immersion.

Can I really teach after the stream 2 Art and Science of Teaching training?

Yes! We have a strong focus on teaching you how to feel prepared and confident to facilitate your own yoga classes. This will be done through teaching practicums, homework and fun teaching games – and of course as well with an in-depth study of the methods and didactics of teaching yoga including artful sequencing, theming, cueing and use of voice, observing bodies and hands on adjustments.

Adele is your biggest cheerleader once you finish the training programme to support you to take your gifts out into the world – this is done through the six month mentorship programme and at the alumni gatherings. You will not be cast adrift trying to figure it out on your own!

It’s also important to recognise that this is only just the beginning of your teaching journey. If you’re anything like Adele you’ll be hungry for more, and will continue to train and study and up-skill every year. This programme offers a unique 100hr add-on in the form of an Embodied Yin teacher training, delivered in Auckland, along with an advanced study pathway with the founders of Embodied Flow  Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons, of which Adele supports you with in her capacity as a senior mentor in their programme.

Can I teach Embodied Flow™ after the training?

To call your classes Embodied Flow™, you’ll need to do further work after the training towards your Embodied Flow certification. After you’ve received your 200hr certificate with us, you can register with the international Yoga Alliance as a  yoga teacher and you can call your classes Hatha Yoga or Vinyasa Flow Yoga or similar.

The School of Embodied Flow requires some more work to be done until you can call your classes “Embodied Flow inspired” and you have to participate in an advanced training programme in order to being able to certify in Embodied Flow. Adele is a senior mentor in this programme and will support you along the way if this is the path you choose.


What are the payment options?

We require a $500 deposit upon registration to secure your place. We have a variety of payment plans available – please get in touch to discuss what works for your current situation.

Is there ongoing support after the training?

Included in the teacher training investment is a six month mentorship programme, delivered online as part of the Embodied Flow training programme, as well as in person with Adele. This gives you the opportunity to stay connected to your tribe and the material and to discuss your questions, receive group and personal coaching, and to watch lectures from the convenience of your own home without travelling.


Rise up here.

You’ll receive updates, inspiration and love to support your brave yoga quest.


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